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Heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling installation for commercial and residential properties. The units don’t take a long time to install, and property owners benefit from using the unit on the first day. Kearns Mechanical can provide detailed information about heat pumps and how they work. 

An All in One Heating and Cooling System

The property owner gets an all-in-one heating and cooling system by installing a heat pump. It isn’t the same as a central air unit. Typically, a central air unit requires a refrigerant to generate cold air and a separate gas or electric unit to produce heated air. The heat pump pushes hot air out of the property in the summer, and it uses heat transfer to pull the heat in the outdoor air and move hot air around the property. Some heat pumps just use refrigerants to heat and cool the home. 

The unit has a blower that distributes the cold or warm air around the property. It cycles according to the season, and the unit can keep the property at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Since it is an all-in-one solution, property owners in Howell, MI can flip a switch on their thermostat and either heat or cool their property. It’s that simple. 

An Environmentally Friendly Heating Source

Eco-friendly property owners choose heat pumps because the systems won’t use a lot of energy to heat or cool the property. The units are considered one of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems available, and property owners won’t have to purchase gas to operate the heating system. The units emit zero carbon dioxide compared to other heating units since it doesn’t need gas.  

Traditional heating and cooling units use fossil fuels and increase carbon emissions. These emissions are harmful to the environment and could present greater risks in the future. Heat pumps use electricity to operate and function in a unique way. Kearns Mechanical can help property owners examine vital details about their Heat Pump Installation. 

What Maintenance Tasks are Needed?

Property owners who have a heat pump, face basic maintenance requirements that don’t take up a lot of their time. Technicians start by changing filters to prevent airflow issues and ensure that the air circulates through the property during all seasons. Dirty filters can lead to more complex issues such as blockages that affect airflow. Cleaning out the unit can cut down the number of allergens and pathogens in the air, too. 

Next, the technician’s advise property owners about keeping shrubbery away from the exterior unit and preventing the plantlife from damaging the unit. Leaves and debris will fall into the unit and cause a blockage. Each year, the unit must be cleaned out, and the property owner should trim their shrubbery and plants that are anywhere near the exterior unit. 

The technicians also review all moving parts inside the units. If the parts are damaged, the property owner will need to schedule repairs or replacement services. Reviewing Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance shows the property owner what is expected each season and how these tasks improve the unit’s performance. 

Local Heat Pump Services

Kearns Mechanical LLC provides complete heat pump installations, maintenance, and repair services for commercial and residential property owners. The technicians provide important details about the heat pumps and how the heating and cooling systems improve the home’s comfort. Property owners can get more information about heat pumps and schedule a new installation by contacting Kearns Mechanical experts now. 

What Are Indicators That the System Is Failing?

A benefit of the heat pump is that it controls humidity levels inside the property. If humidity levels increase suddenly, it is a clear indicator that the unit might be failing. Rust inside the unit is a clear sign of major damage to the heat pump. High dust levels in the property, unusual noise in the unit, and ineffective heating or cooling are signs that the unit must be replaced. If the property owner has scheduled frequent repairs in the last year, it is time for a new heat pump. 

Heat pumps are eco-friendly heating and cooling systems that provide more energy efficiency for the property owner. The units use heat transfer and refrigerants to produce cool air and push the heat throughout the property. Maintenance for the systems is economical and won’t overwhelm property owners. Examining why heat pumps are a great choice shows the property owners how they could benefit from the installation. 

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