Furnace Replacement and Repair In Howell, MI

A furnace produces heat for the property through a one or two-cycle process. It draws gas from natural gas lines or through a connection to a propane tank outside the property. The air is heated inside the heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the interior air. The design allows heated air to be distributed through the ductwork and keeps the property at a comfortable temperature throughout winter. All cold air in the living spaces is pulled back into the furnace to prevent sudden temperature changes. Property owners who install or have an existing furnace must follow careful maintenance tasks to maintain the heating system. 

Signs of Furnace Problems

The tell-tale sign that the furnace isn’t working properly is a sudden and unexplained increase in energy costs. Strange noises coming from the furnace are also clear indicators of a serious problem. A furnace that has needed repairs more frequently in the last three to five years may have outlived its usefulness. The standard longevity for a furnace is about 15 years. Once the furnace is between 12 – 15 years old and has continued to show signs of problems, it should be replaced completely.  

Reviewing the Furnace for Gas Leaks

A professional HVAC provider uses advanced gas detection equipment to find any existing gas leaks in or around the furnace. When performing furnace repair, the gas lines must be replaced anywhere that a leak is present. Gas leaks are dangerous and increase the chance of personal injuries and serious property damage. They present a risk to the property owner, all inhabitants inside the property, and surrounding properties. 

The technicians will shut down the gas after the leak is found. Next, the broken or damaged gas line is replaced. Testing for the new gas lines shows the technician if the issue has been remedied completely. 

How Long Will You Live in the Property?

As stated previously, a furnace can last up to 15 years. How long the property owner intends on staying in their current property is a serious factor to consider. If they will move out in the next few years, there isn’t a need for them to invest in the full cost of a new furnace. If the owner wants to stay in the property for at least ten more years, the furnace replacement would be feasible and improve their experience while living in the property. 

Where To Get Furnace Servicing and Repairs

Kearns Mechanical LLC has a brilliant history of superior HVAC services that began in 1998. The family-owned and operated company offers same-day services (when available) for property owners who are facing heating or cooling issues. They strive to provide customers with a full disclosure for all repair and replacement costs. All technicians are trained and screened properly to mitigate any risks to property owners and their families. Residential and commercial property owners can expect guaranteed services with a company with such a history of excellence. Property owners can set up an appointment for HVAC services by contacting the service provider directly. 

Kearns Mechanical LLC

Kearns Mechanical LLC is a family-owned and operated business that was started by Greg and Diane Kearns in 1998. Servicing the Livingston County area, Kearns Mechanical LLC prides themselves on their superior craftsmanship and trustworthiness. All of their staff hold the same high standard of service and are background checked, drug tested, and trained extensively for the job.

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