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Mini-split systems are a beneficial way to keep the property at a comfortable temperature. The installations consist of an outdoor unit and an air handler that is installed inside the property. The products are a great choice for smaller properties such as apartments and mobile homes. However, the right combination of units can provide adequate services for a larger property. Reviewing the installation shows the property owners how the units work. 

You Don’t Need Ductwork 

The mini-split system offers a setup that is similar to a central unit in that it has an exterior unit that includes a condenser and it has an interior unit that is an air handler. However, the mini-split system doesn’t require ductwork to distribute air throughout the property. This can lower the cost of the installation and prevent the property owner from facing the pitfalls of keeping the ductwork clean and preventing common allergens and pathogens from becoming trapped in the system. 

However, the air handler and condensers like other heating and air conditioning units have filters and must be cleaned themselves. The outdoor unit might need more thorough cleaning each season than the air handler. Service providers in Howell, MI assess the units prior to the cleaning process and ensure all debris is removed for proper airflow. 

The Owner Can Use Multiple Indoor Air Handlers

The installation team measures the dimensions of each living space where an air handler is installed. The size of the unit and its load determine how much cool or heated air it produces. The square footage of each room defines the load required to keep it cool or warm. Installation teams can provide information about the units and what size is best for each living space. 

Property owners need expert advice to help them avoid buying the wrong sized unit. A unit that is too small won’t accommodate the heater or cooling needs of the property owner, and if it is too big, it will just consume higher volumes of energy without a good reason. The unit should be the right size of each space to generate savings and meet the owner’s expectations.  

Preventing Short Cycling and Higher Energy Costs

The placement of the air handler determines if it short cycles. Again, this could be a problem based on the unit size selected by the property owner. Short cycling occurs when the unit cannot keep the room at a comfortable temperature and must engage more frequently to lower heat levels in the summer or produce enough heat in the summer.

Short cycling drives the cost of heating and cooling the property up to unaffordable rates. However, it is also possible when an air handler is failing and either needs repairs or a replacement. Mini-Split Maintenance helps the property owner identify common problems with the units. Service providers offer recommendations for improving how the systems operate and cut energy costs. 

High-Quality Heating and Cooling Services

Mini-Split Repair and Replacement is available through Kearns Mechanical LLC. The company has a rich history of providing residential and commercial HVAC services. All their technicians understand how mini-split units operate and the exact requirements for installing and operating the units. They offer property owners guaranteed services and warranties for all new installations. Property owners can contact the service provider to schedule an appointment for a consultation or services now. 

Less Aesthetically Displeasing As a Window Unit

The indoor air handlers aren’t as aesthetically displeasing as a traditional window unit. They are installed on a wall according to the most optimal location to keep the living space at a comfortable temperature. It doesn’t have the hindrances that window units have such as the ongoing fight to blow insects out of the property. It is connected inside the home and operates with the exterior unit. It offers a thermostat that allows the owner to choose their own preferred temperature. 

The installation team can show the property owner how the air handler will look inside the property. They can move it around to prevent issues with existing features such as wall-mounted flat-screen televisions. Assessing the living space for the most optimal location keeps the living space aesthetically pleasing and ensures that the room temperature is more comfortable. 

Property owners consider the benefits of a mini-split system and what savings the installation generates. The installations consist of two major components including an exterior unit with a condenser and an air handler inside the property. Comparing the units to other cooling or heating choices helps the property owner make a more sound investment.

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