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Humidifiers are an exceptional installation that can add moisture in the air in climates that are less humid. Inside a commercial or residential property, it is likely that drier temperatures occur as the heating systems operate. Drier conditions aren’t ideal for all inhabitants and could present them with serious health risks. The CDC recommends between 40 and 60% relative humidity. Installing a humidifier can remedy these conditions.  

Keeping The Air Moist

Humidifiers can add a little humidity to the air to prevent it from becoming far too dry inside the property. Heating systems are known to pull all the moisture out of the property when operating.  Some homes can become as low as 15% RH. This can present some issues for inhabitants on the property especially if they have respiratory conditions such as COPD. Moisture is necessary to help these property owners breathe a little easier during the winter and lower serious risks to their respiratory system.  

Without proper moisture, the nasal passages can become too dry and cause a nose bleed for some individuals. Property owners who use oxygen daily can find that it is harder to breathe without sinus issues. Adding a humidifier to the property can improve their health and make them more comfortable during the winter months. Kearns Mechanical in Howell, MI can help property owners find the best humidifier for their property. 

An improper balance of moisture in the air can also increase the rate at which homeowners snore. Without enough moisture in the air, the nasal passages can become stopped up and make it impossible for the property owner to breathe properly when resting. A lack of moisture can also dry out the sinuses more if the individual is treated for a cold or the flu. 

More Humidity Means Warmer Temperatures Inside 

A Humidifier Installation can increase the temperature inside the property and help the owner save on energy costs. Moisture can trap heat inside the property and prevent the heating system from running more frequently. This makes the property more energy-efficient and cuts energy costs for the property owner. If wired properly, a humidifier will only run during the heating season.

Keeping Items in the Property Safer From the Elements

Temperatures that are too dry can lead to damaged furniture. The lower humidity levels can dry out materials such as wood faster and cause it to break and peel. Adding moisture to the air can protect the furnishings and extend their longevity. Property owners can use polish less frequently to treat the wooden furniture and may save more money on maintaining antiques. The wooden furnishings won’t become warped or sustain shrinkage due to hotter temperatures inside the property. Property owners can store more items in the property without working about damage or financial losses. 

Steps for Maintaining the Humidifier

Essentially, all the property owner has to do to maintain the humidifier is to replace the water panel according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Installing a new water panel ensures that the humidifier continues to operate as expected and gives the owner many years of use. It is necessary to turn off the heating unit when replacing the panel and assessing the humidifier. Service providers can follow the recommended maintenance services to ensure that all components are operating properly, too. 

Kearns Mechanical will clean away all mineral buildup in the major components and test the humidifier for potential leaks. Checking the control panels ensures that the system operates when the property owner wants it to and won’t engage without the correct setting. All Humidifier Repair and Maintenance must be completed by a professional to avoid nullifying the warranty for the installation. Service providers can set up an appointment to complete these tasks at least once a year. This will increase the longevity of the humidifier and give the owner more out of their investment. 

Where to Get Humidifier Services

Kearns Mechanical LLC provides excellent services for property owners including the installation of humidifiers and HVAC systems. The company strives to provide customers with extraordinary products and installations that last longer and provide many years of dedicated service. They offer heating and cooling installations as well as repairs and maintenance services for each system. Property owners can learn more about the company’s services by setting up a consultation or an appointment for services now. 

Humidifiers are a great product for balancing moisture in the air during the winter. The installations increase humidity and make it easier to breathe while the heating systems are running. Reviewing all the major benefits of the systems shows property owners why the product is a great asset.

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