Air Conditioner Replacement and Repair in Howell, MI

In the extreme heat of the summer, no one wants to deal with an air conditioner malfunction. Sometimes, it is a rather simple fix that requires minimal work by a technician, but in other instances, the problem is recurring and proves to be a burden on a homeowner. Recognizing when one should pay for repairs or opt for a complete AC replacement is imperative so that homeowners don’t continuously throw money away on their investment. Fortunately, there are air conditioning specialists in Howell, MI that are more than willing to guide customers to the proper decision.

Receive Quality Service with Modest Pricing

Some HVAC companies’ sole purpose is upselling to customers so that they can include hidden fees as a way to bring in more revenue. At Kearns Mechanical, the staff prides themselves in providing honest estimates and fair pricing, always sticking to the quoted price without ever sneaking in expenses that weren’t covered in the estimate. Every technician is highly trained and thoroughly screened so that the owners can vouch for their work and character. This eliminates the need for repeat visits and allows customers to trust in the work as well as the security of their homes.

An Established Repair Service Will Never Let Customers Down

AC malfunctions occur at a higher frequency when the temperatures are high and units are constantly running. Although a breakdown may have a homeowner fretting over what to do, most cases involving newer or well-maintained systems only require simple repairs. Contacting Kearns Mechanical, a trusted Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement provider will ensure that a technician is sent out immediately to evaluate the system and determine what the issue is. Once the problem is found, the technician will consult with the customer to determine the best course of action before initiating any repairs. This ensures that no unexpected costs are placed upon an already stressed homeowner.

Realize That it’s Time for Change

Making constant repairs to an air conditioning unit will eventually fail to be cost-effective due to the age of the system, lack of steady air temperature, and mechanical failures. Homeowners who look into a new system will find that the increase in energy efficiency will greatly reduce their utility bills while various tax credits and incentives can save them even more money.

There is also the fact that most AC units come with a minimum ten-year warranty, which eliminates the loss of money due to both normal and emergency repair services. On top of the savings, households will experience a more comfortable living environment when the temperature is held steady and can be easily adjusted once the air gets too warm.

Replacing an Air Conditioner Doesn’t Have to be a Financial Strain

Many people shy away from complete air conditioning replacement because they think that a new unit will be too large of a financial burden. Homeowners that continue on the repair route when it’s obvious that the unit cannot keep up with demands are only digging themselves further into debt. What they may not realize is that many air handling service providers provide a variety of financing options that can be instantly activated no matter what day of the week it is. Contacting Kearns Mechanical, a preferred HVAC contractor will allow homeowners to discover what types of financing are available to them.

Keeping an AC System Running Smoothly

Whether someone owns a brand new air conditioning system or one that’s aged, periodic professional maintenance is the best way to extend the life of the unit and keep a consistent indoor temperature. Homeowners can schedule maintenance visits throughout the year to help keep their unit clean and running efficiently. On each visit, the technician will run a full diagnostic of the system to see if things are operating accurately. Filters get replaced, accumulated debris removed from the inner workings, the coils carefully cleaned, motorized parts receive new lubrication, and any damaged components are replaced with customer approval. All of this is done to ensure that the unit continues to operate efficiently and helps avoid any potential malfunctions.

Kearns Mechanical LLC

Kearns Mechanical LLC is a family-owned and operated business that was started by Greg and Diane Kearns in 1998. Servicing the Livingston County area, Kearns Mechanical LLC prides themselves on their superior craftsmanship and trustworthiness. All of their staff hold the same high standard of service and are background checked, drug tested, and trained extensively for the job.

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